Introducing Plume

As we start September, we’re excited to reveal our latest fabric collection, Plume!  

Available online now, Plume takes inspiration from the delicate beauty of layered feathers to evoke the soft, velvety texture of a bird’s plumage. Designed to sit effortlessly alongside our existing outdoor fabric collection, Plume provides a subtle pattern design that can be complemented by the plain textures of Mull and Fauna, or mixed and matched with other patterned ranges such as Outline for a unique style identity.

Inspired by the plumage of birds from across our continent, influences are taken from distinctive feather patterns, to create a quirky woven textile reminiscent of chevron designs that remain on top of the trends. In keeping with the inherent water repellence of a bird’s feathers, all Plume fabrics are treated to repel both stains and water, ensuring a collection that is perfect for the great outdoors, whatever the setting and whatever the weather!


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