Introducing Alpine

Alpine from Extex is a new collection of outdoor fabrics inspired by geology.

Reflecting a softer colour palette of greys, browns and beige; the Alpine range is cool in tone and hardwearing. Using a polyolefin solution dyed yarn to ensure it stays colour fast to light and stain and mould resistant, Alpine is ideal for the outdoors and the harsh summer sun.

Alpine ‘Strata’ is made from a formation of irregular horizontal lines mirroring the natural rock formations from where the fabric draws its name. Exuding qualities of longevity, Strata is a fabric that adds an element of chic and sophistication to any outdoor environment. The Alpine Strata colour palette is available in Jet, Limestone, Marble and Shale.

Alpine ‘Cairn’ is the perfect choice for an outdoor fabric as resilient as its name, Cairn is inspired by the mounds of stones used as landmarks which can be found on mountain tops across the globe, making you feel in touch with the wild highland countryside. Alpine Cairn is available in four colours, Fossil, Granite, Pumice and Zinc.

The Alpine range looks as stylish in the garden as it does onboard a yacht, designed to embrace outdoor life with elegance, adding a luxurious look and feel to all of your outdoor fabric needs. Fully machine washable and 100% recyclable means Extex Alpine won’t impact the environment after its use and is the choice for the eco-conscious consumer.


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