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Luxury Yacht Furnishings Upholstery

Every aspect of a Superyacht is designed in meticulous detail with performance in the forefront of the mind, with special consideration given to the choice of fabrics used outside where chlorine, sea water and the harsh rays from the sun can wreak havoc.

As a luxury outdoor fabric manufacturer, Extex has designed a range of acrylic fabrics suitable for all weather marine upholstery. From yacht designers with even the most discerning clients, to owners who know exactly what they want, our extensive collection of luxury outdoor furniture fabrics ensures all tastes, styles and colour schemes are catered for.

Robert Gleed
Sorgiovanni Designs

Should you desire something just a shade different we are always happy to discuss a custom colour to complement your scheme. Rest assured also, that should you wish to replace any outdoor cushions in the future, we will try our best to match your fabric using the extensive records that we keep at the mill.

Winfried Heinze


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